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Hotel 2 stelle rimini
The strenght of the Alex Hotel in Rimini is it's Homemade Kitchen, directly supervisored by the ownership, that join the good tradition of Romagna to the freshness and high quality of the foods used the making of every meal and the satisfaction of any palate. Your morning begins with breakfast: a very rich sweet and salty buffet, orange and fruit juices, jams, coffee, tea, cereals and yogurt.

After half day spended on the beach, when the appetite starts tingling, we are ready to serve your lunch: starters and main courses made whit meat and fish, always accompanied by a rich fresh buffet of vegetables and season's fruit.

Dinner Time is the moment to sit by a table and relax after long dayon the beach, and get ready to taste the good menu that our cook makes, just as at lunch you can choose your meal between fish and meatf, drinking some good Sangiovese wine or Trebbiano, both typical Wines of Romagna, then ending your dinner with a good coffee and a beautiful walk on our beautiful Rimini's Seafront promenade.
Hotel Alex di Andruccioli Maria viale B. Neri, 8 47900 Rimini (RN)
Tel e Fax +39 0541/392240 - P.IVA 02485350405
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